Book 1:

Stones and Swords

A daring blade, cocky smile, and . . . floating rocks?

Madelyn of the Sky rescues anyone who doesn’t have a home. She whisks them away to her floating Island in the sky.

But not everyone’s happy with the hero. Angry mobs, princes, and dragons hunt her. Grandma’s been kidnapped. Madelyn doesn’t even know why she’s able to float rocks through the sky. And now a muddy boy’s chasing her and insisting on helping, too.

Madelyn will need all her wits, all her sword work, and all her magic to save the day!

Book 2:

Skyships and Sisters

Pirates plus magic equals trouble.

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Madelyn can face any threat with her cutlass, her magic, and a grin. Her people are safe on her floating Island in the sky.

Until pirates attack.

Fae skyships swoop down. Pirates raid the Island. They search for Madelyn of the Sky.

If they were “just” pirates, Madelyn wouldn’t even hesitate. It would be no contest! But she’s not the only one who can use magic this time. What do the pirates want with her? Can she face them alone? And is she any match for fae magic?

Book 3:

Fire and Frostburn

What could be worse than a dragon?

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Madelyn has always greeted her adventures with sword, stone, and smile. This time is different, though.

She doesn’t need to fight Prince Aralane. She needs to impress him. His kingdom borders her floating Island in the sky, and she needs an ally.

Which means his visit to the Island is a terrible time for a dragon to attack.

And it’s an even worse time for something more dangerous than a dragon to threaten them.

It’ll take everything Madelyn has to face this danger and protect the visiting prince!

Book 4:

Rescue and Rage

How can there be a second Madelyn of the Sky?

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Madelyn has set out to rescue those who need her help. She’s ready for a little adventure, and her floating Island in the sky provides them a new home.

But someone else has started rescuing refugees first—someone very much like Madelyn herself.

Who is this other Madelyn? Where did she come from? And has Madelyn finally met someone who will wipe away her cocky smile?

Book 5:

Queens and Chaos

Madelyn is going to Fae.

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The pirates are taking Madelyn to face the Queens of Fae themselves. She needs to convince them to help.

But Fae is a dangerous place filled with strange challenges. The disaster eats away at the realm. Fae flee in all directions. And Queens care only for themselves.

Madelyn will be pushed to her limits and beyond as she faces this newest challenge.

Book 6:

Alliances and Endings

Her world will end.

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Madelyn fights with her daring blade, her cocky smile, and her ability to speak with stone.

Or she did.

Alone and still waiting for her magic to return, Madelyn will have to work twice as hard if she’s going to save the human world from the disaster.

Can she still be Madelyn of the Sky without her abilities and without her friends to support her? And how much is she willing to sacrifice to save what’s left?