Cade and the Last Starship

The Adventure Begins

Septmber 2023

Book 1

Cade and the Last Starship

After 400 years, you’d think there would be no secrets left on the Ark.

The Ark carries the last of humanity to their new home on another planet… but in the meantime, Cade is bored. He wants something new. To go where no one has ever gone. To see what no one has ever seen.

But not everyone wants him exploring. Why won’t the Engineers let him see what’s out in the uninhabited areas? It’s mostly hallways and empty berths. There shouldn’t be anything dangerous… should there?

Book 2

Cade and the New Earth

They can’t go back to the Ark… Time to explore a new world.

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The last people in the world have made it out of the Ark. There’s a whole world for Cade to explore. Who knows what might be out there?

New can sometimes be scary, though. Everything is so huge out here. And Cade freezes up far too easily. Can he overcome his fear as the world proves far more dangerous than they ever expected?

Book 3

Cade and the Empty Ark

They thought theirs was the only Ark.
They were wrong.

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Cade is exploring farther and farther out. But he never thought he’d find this. The trees part, and there it is. Another Ark. They weren’t alone! When he enters, though, no one greets him. The Ark is empty.

What happened to everyone? Where did they go? And what happens when the Ark itself turns against him?

Book 4

Cade and the Silver City

They knew they weren’t alone… but they weren’t expecting this.

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Cade and his friends explore their dangerous new world. Shy Ones attack. And then something bigger appears: a thirty-foot-tall robot. It shepherds the Shy Ones away. It claims to be their friend.

And when one of Cade’s friends suffers a terrible injury, he’s forced to trust that the robot can help them. But there’s something off about their Silver City, something strange and almost sad about the Shy Ones. Something secretive about the robots. So how much can they trust this mysterious being?

Book 5

Cade and the Sleeping Scouts

Finally… the truth.

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The Shepherds kidnap Cade. Too many people are outside the Ark now. The world is going to end. The Harvest is coming, and it will destroy the last survivors of humanity.

And it’s all Cade’s fault. He just had to go out, had to explore. And now the Harvest is waking up.

Now he must disable the Harvester scouts before it’s too late. It will take all of his skills, his stubbornness, and his courage to face down this threat and save his friends.

Book 6

Cade and the Final Harvest

It’s too late. The Harvest has arrived.

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Cade finally gets his wish. He flies through the stars. But he’s flying into danger, into the Harvest. He leads a mission to reach them before they reach earth.

It’s their only chance to save all of humanity. His only ally is the AI that once nearly killed him. And his only advantage is the element of surprise. He hopes.

If he’s honest though, he knows. …He may not be coming back home.