Glamorous Work

Sometimes the life of an author is glamorous. People trying to get selfies with you. Demanding autographs. Movie studios calling with multi-million dollar deals. All of which I’ve experienced day-in and day-out for years now.

Some of that might be exaggeration.

Ah, but not everything is always so glamorous. Thursday morning my wife and I went to Barnes and Noble to do research. This wasn’t the fun, “Let’s find all the books that describe how suburbs slowly form into hive-minds!”

Nope. We picked up a bunch of books and asked some very basic questions about them:

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Farewell, Reading

In a normal year, I read a novel a week on average. I set them aside through the year to do an end-of-year review of what I’ve read.

I think I’ll be failing this year.

My year usually starts in July. That’s just how I count it. By this point I should have a good dozen novels. Right now I’ve got… two.

Granted, I do have a number of graphic novels I’ve read, many of which I picked up at a certain con I attended recently. Those have generally been a delight.

So, what’s going on? What happened to my reading?

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I was a comic con booth babe.

And lo, I did enter the world of the con, and verily, it did assault my senses with much tumult and wonder.

Last weekend I got to sell books under the tutelage of my friend Lydia Sherrer. She writes the wonderful Love, Lies, & Hocus Pocus books. I highly recommend them. Lydia and her husband David were kind enough to allow me to serve as a sort of apprentice, learning how to sell books in a convention setting. Lydia usually has women helping her, so I got called “her lady” often enough, that I’ve accepted it. I’m a booth babe.

Seriously. The series is fantastic.

Anyway, I wasn’t there to be ogled. I was there to learn. And the biggest thing I learned was: I can do this.

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Attending Cons for Fun and Profit

Time to start a new adventure.

This weekend I’m attending a con. I’ll be there among the cosplayers and conventioneers, finding my way among the tables, hunting for books and writers and artists I want to support.

The con will challenge me. I’m an introvert, and large groups of people rarely appeal to me. They drain my energy, and the bigger the crowd, usually the worse it is for me.

Then again, I attended this same con two years ago and had an absolute blast. I met a lot of writers and artists I’m eager to see again. I want to plunk down my cash to help support them.

Ah, but this year is different. I’m not just a con-goer. I’ll be sitting behind a table myself.

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It Takes More than Writing to be a Good Author

I’d like to just write. Ideally, I’d type up masterpiece after masterpiece, and once each was done, I’d send them off to a magical publisher who’d pay me a slightly-better-than living wage. This fantastical publisher would never bother me for blog tours or interviews. I wouldn’t need to worry about marketing of any kind. I’d simply create worlds with words and leave the details to others.

Alas, I do not live in this ideal world.

The simple truth is that unless your name is immediately recognizable by the public, unless you’re someone like a Stephen King or a John Grisham, you need to market yourself and your books if you want to make any kind of money from your writing.


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